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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boys and Trees...

are inseparable! Mine love to play in the woods behind our house, and trees are endlessly fascinating playthings for them. Dead, alive - it's all good.

But Nana has the most amazing pine tree in her front yard, and the branches radiate from the trunk at perfect spacing for climbing. And so, for the first few days we were in MA for our vacation, if they were outside we knew we'd find them up the tree. I did this layout today so they'd remember the fun they had.

Journaling: The boys are more than a bit obsessed with the climbing tree in front of Nana's house. No, not the one in the main picture, but it's the same height as the climbing tree (of which a branch can be seen on the left), so you can get an idea of how large it is. The boys were allowed to climb about to the height of the second floor window. (And yes, I did worry about the broken arms, but let them do it anyway.) If they were outside, they were in the tree. Picking the bark off it, creating "rooms" to hang out in, they looked like little clothed squirrels.

And here are a few more pictures of them in the tree. They both loved posing and having their picture taken while in it, so you know I took full advantage of it.

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  1. When I was a kid, we had a dogwood tree in our front yard that had those wonderful, perfectly-spaced branches. I used to spend hours sitting near the top of that tree, watching the people, cars, bikes, dogs, and birds go by. I did fall out of the tree once, but only knocked the wind out of my lungs - nothing broke. Good thing, since my parents weren't home at the time and I was supposed to be staying inside the house...

    Good memories!