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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Both boys have become obsessed with Legos. They love looking at the Lego catalog as much as they love to create with the Legos. (I'm guessing Santa will have a Lego-heavy wish list from the boys this year.)

Jeremy has decided that he wants to get the Lego Deathstar set. It has 3,800 pieces and is "only" $400. Yes, that's right, four hundred dollars! So he's told us he's saving up for it. (Note to self: Congratulate self and husband for teaching the boys to save up for special items they want to buy instead of just asking mom and dad to shell out for it.)

But, at $4 per week allowance money, it's going to take a long, long time to save that much money. So this morning he became an entrepeneur. He created his own Lego set, and asked me if I'd like to buy it from him for only $10. When I declined, he checked to see if Dad would buy it. Another no. About 5 minutes later, he returned to me with a reduced-price offer: $2 for the set. I love so much about his spirit and creativity! Now if he'd only apply it to cleaning his room...

So, any takers on a 4-piece and one character Lego set for the bargain price of $2?

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