Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Groovy Challenge

A few years ago, I scanned a bunch of slides for my parents.  Naturally I kept copies of all of them.  Tonight I decided to do a layout of one of them. This was a lot of fun to create.  My challenge to you is to pull out an old photo in similarly, uhm, attractive clothing, and post it on your blog, Facebook or in a card or layout, for all to see.

Groovy, Baby!  Digital Supplies: Template: December Daily by Ali Edwards, 
Paper: Summer Safari by Jessie Edwards, Classic Cardstock Christmas by Katie Pertiet, 
Edge: Sand Scratched Photo Frames 1 by Anna Aspnes, Swirl: Flocking Christmas 
by Anna Aspnes, Font: AR Christy.

Journaling:  The early 70s were not kind to fashion. Bright, screaming yellow must have been “in”.   Mom was dressed up for an evening out, and we were in our pajamas, ready for the babysitter.


  1. are you sure it was not the other way around? :D
    I think I have some 80's pics of my mom and me ....

  2. LOL, oh my gosh, I LOVE that photo!! Such a fun LO! :)

    Here's a pic I have of me, circa 1984, on my FB:!/photo.php?pid=2038364&id=737425557


  3. As bad as the fashions may have been, it is a memory! Great job on the page elements.

  4. What a great layout and "groovy" photo. Thanks for reminding me of some of my "great" outfits in the

  5. Great layout! I think photos like that make great memories too!

  6. Oh this is wonderful Janice! It's a fabulous layout - and I wouldn't part with a picture like that for anything! The 70's were definitely memorable - just perhaps maybe not for what we'd like them to be memorable for (heee!)

  7. Are you sure I am in PJs and not my party overalls? Love it. Has mum seen it?