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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Witches hats and acorn treats

Do you pin?  I'm talking about Pinterest, a digital pinboard site that allows the collection of themed pictures of your choosing.  It's a total time sink, and I can spend hours there looking through the art, crafts, foods, decorating, and other images that are pinned to peoples' boards.  My boards are here, if you're interested in taking a look or, even better, following my boards.

I've had fun the last few days making Halloween treats and some fall snacks, all thanks to Pinterest.

First up: witches' hats.  The directions are found here.  If you go to the recipe, you'll see that the professional's look much better than mine.  I used cookie icing, instead of a thin frosting, to make the bows, and they got all melty.  That didn't stop the kids from eating them, though! 

Sweet witch hats.

 Next up: chocolate and peanut butter acorns.  I loved this idea, and they are cute and easy to make. Matthew helped me make them, and it was a nice way to spend time together.  Recipe is here.


And finally, a pin that showed gorgeous single-serve apple pies in a basket, with a link to Williams-Sonoma and their apple pocket pie mold.  Here are mine.  Jeremy absolutely loves any kind of pie, and had a ball helping me make a few of these today.  They'll fit right into a sandwich bag and he can pack them in his lunch.

Mmmm... just needs a spoonful of ice cream.
I'm also going to make the oreo cookie mummy pops again (see last year's post), over the next evening or two.  I have the correct eyes this time, so hopefully they'll look even better this year.

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