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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is July?

Greetings from Massachusetts! That would be cold, wet, damp, chilly, rainy Massachusetts. Someone check their calendar - this is July, right? It might be in the low 60s out there right now, misty/drizzly, and due to begin pouring sometime late tonight. Apparently the rain will continue most of tomorrow. Thankfully, it's supposed to clear up and be a beautiful weekend.

We had a great flight up, and at 5 and 6 1/2, the boys love to fly and can carry their own backpacks and booster seats. They looked so grown up, sitting on their own on one side of the aisle, reading their books. We got to my mom's and they immediately began climbing the huge pine tree in the front yard, which is perfectly arranged for climbing. (Pix will be posted eventually.) Matthew has decided he's got 4 "rooms" in the tree, and Jeremy has two "rooms" and a science lab. They've also adopted a neighborhood cat, whom they've named Stinky. I figured it would be a mangy looking critter, but I saw it this afternoon and it's a big tom (at least 18 pounds), black and grey, sleek, and well cared for. Guess the name is just more evidence of testosterone poisoning.

Mom and I will get everything packed up for our trip to the Cape tomorrow, make a list of groceries we'll need to get down there, and visit with a few relatives that will be dropping by. We'll be leaving shortly after noon on Saturday. I'll get to visit with a college friend and a grad school friend during the week, as well as various other relatives who'll be popping down here and there. I'm looking forward to relaxing - and hopefully some warmer weather!

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