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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Just enjoying a lazy Sunday today.  We've all done some reading and played video games together.  The boys played outside in the backyard with their friends for several hours, and I did some stamping.  The dog decided that the screen door would be much better with a flap in it, and created her very own dog door to the sunporch.  Ryan was not terribly happy about her decorating idea!

Ryan mowed the lawn, and when he was done let the kids drive the tractor a bit.  Ear-to-ear grins on both of those boys' faces getting to drive for the first time!  And they didn't run over any trees, or the garage, or the tool shed.

I've got a few more layouts of our trip to the Cape done in the last week or so.  The first one of Jeremy running to catch up when he saw Uncle Bill showing Matthew his fishing gear.  (Credits can be found here.)

And this picture of my niece, Tori. She's a lovely, confident girl and held her own with the boys.  Not "tough", but secure in herself and able to stand her ground when necessary.  (Credits here.)

And this layout of Jeremy, playing last February in Asia at the Animal Kingdom at WaltDisneyWorld.  He's so good at entertaining himself and having fun!  Over the years I've become used to how roughly the boys play, but I have to admit that him throwing himself onto the pavement at multiple points in the game he invented did get to me once or twice! (Credits here.)

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