Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bikes, Jedi Training, Pampas and Scarecrows

Most schooldays, the boys can't play with their friends because of late school bus times and homework.  But on Wednesdays, the local schools dismiss an hour early, and so the boys get a chance to play with their friends.  Yesterday they had an impromptu bike rodeo.  Here's Matthew mugging for the camera - again!  I can't get this one to give me a nice smile anymore.


The rodeo didn't last very long, but they all had a good time.  Then Matthew was off to do his homework, and Jeremy decided to do his Jedi training.  Apparently having an angry face with hard, staring eyes is part of the whole Jedi business.


It was a lovely fall day yesterday, temps in the low 70s and dry.  The pampas grasses look really beautiful at this time of year.

And Ribby was - for once - willing to sit still and let me take her picture instead of bouncing around being excited by the attention.  Love this shot of her - those deep, soulful, sad eyes make you forget that she's really a scarecrow (if she only had a brain).


  1. you gotta love labs ... she is just like my Rosi, blonde head to tail!

  2. aaaww, she's so cute, though!

    And the kids are, too. :)