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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Add Water

It's a nearly perfect slogan for the boys.  Whether it's a sprinkler, bathtub, hose, or pool, they're happy if there's water.  Even frozen water - the ice that collects around the backyard in the winter - can keep them busy for hours.

But the best is the water at the beach. We spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach, with Ryan's family.  The weather was perfect - low 80s, sunny, no humidity.  We walked on the beach at sunrise, did a lot of wave jumping, played mini golf, went to the water park, and had lunches and dinners out together.  Here are a couple of the 540 pictures I took in the 2-day trip:  Jeremy walking on the beach at sunrise, and Matthew leaping into a rather large wave.

It really was a relaxing weekend. Good thing we did it then, because it looks like summer's last gasp is happening here now.  We'll be into the 50s and 60s next week.

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  1. I missed out on the beach this summer.... my husband took each kid to the beach (separately), but I stayed home with the other kid (and with work that had to be done) each time. Next summer, we'll go to the beach as a family. Nothing beats the waves and sand and gentle ocean breeze...

    Glad you got to go before it got too cold!