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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We've had a busy week around here.  The boys were on spring break (and fortunately I was between work projects), so lots of time to have fun.  My in-laws arrived on Wednesday, so more fun and spoilage for the boys.

Our pool is open and the boys have been swimming 20-30 minutes or so on warm days.  (The water's only about 68 degrees, so they're only in for a short while.)

We all went strawberry picking on Friday morning - got some gorgeous sweet berries.  Most have been frozen and put away, but we've been snacking on some, and I made a strawberry pie for our dinner tonight.  We've learned to have the kids wear red shirts when picking to minimize staining.  Jeremy was so proud of himself "because I finally broke my bad habit of eating ALL of the berries and I'm putting some in the bucket."

Of course, last night we dyed eggs.  All the standard colors, plus the traditional "ugly" eggs made when you mix a bunch of dye together for a lovely shade of yuck.

I tried to add rub-ons to the eggs.  It turned out that only one brand (Maya Road) of the half-dozen brands I tried would adhere.  But the ones that worked sure came out cute!

I hope you all have a happy Easter.

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  1. Cute design on the eggs! Like your idea to wear red while picking strawberries. Wow! those looked so delicious too! Hope it was a fabulous weekend for you.