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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Raspberry Lime (a baby quilt)

 One of my neighbors recently had a baby girl, and I've (finally) finished a little quilt for her.  The pattern is "Giselle" and was published in Quilters Newsletter Best Weekend Quilts, a magazine that was published in the late fall of 2010.  I only made 9 of the blocks (instead of the 30 in the pattern).

I fell in love with a bubbly dot print in lime, pink, and raspberry, and paired it with some coordinating fabrics.  I haven't been fabric shopping in ages, and discovered the patterned Kona cloth, so picked up a bit of that in pale pink as one of the coordinating fabrics.  The rest was from my stash.

I used a green dot minkee on the back.  I just cannot make a baby quilt without using minkee on it.  It is a "summer weight" quilt, with no batting.  But the minkee gives it a lovely weight and drape, and the quilting lines just sink into it and give the back a lovely, almost sculptural, quality.

This is it on my porch, under the mound of pansies.

And 4 of the blocks so the fabrics can be seen:


  1. What a lucky little baby! Your color choices are wonderful and the quilt turned out great!

  2. So very pretty! I was looking forward to seeing this when I saw the post in my list of blogs, but I was good and made myself wait until I worked up the list. So cute! Lucky little baby!

  3. What a wonderful quilt and such perfectl colors for a sweet baby girl!